Floatfit Classes

Aquaphysical – Floatfit

A first in South Africa !

Taking the fitness world by storm. Exercising while balancing on water is set to be the fitness trend of 2017/2018.

Aside from torching calories the biggest benefit is how it works your stabiliser muscles. A mixture of high intensity and yoga inspired classes to suit all abilities.

These are low impact classes, but giving a fun full body workout.

Benefits of exercising on the Aquabase:

  1. The perfect platform for exercising
  2. Effective and challenging
  3. Gain flexibility, stability and strength
  4. Pairs of muscles must work equally
  5. Discover any muscle imbalance instantly
  6. Strengthen muscle weakness effectively
  7. Effective for everyone from inactive to energetic
  8. Participants done know they are working hard until they wake up the following morning !!