Level 1: Learn to Swim – 2 to 6 years

Age 2 to 6 years, this is when the basics of all strokes are taught as well as co-ordination and love of the sport. Basic strokes, water safety, breathing techniques, buoyancy and balancing in the water. Treading water, and basic life saving skills are taught. A sense of achievement when winning at galas and participating in school galas.

This course teaches the basics of all toddler swimming, water orientation and introduction to swimming classes.

  • Water Safety, not forced submerging but done with TLC (tender loving care). Climbing out and getting into the pool, correctly.
  • Basic movements of each stroke and the understanding of putting the complete stroke together.
  • Breathing techniques to aid and assist the fluid movement of the stroke.

Using boards, noodles, arm bands, back floats, all these aids assist the swimmer whilst learning the correct body position necessary for the complete stroke.

Timing, of the arm and legs and breathing to co-ordinate with one another in order to be competent in each stroke.